The best way to learn what HR INNOVATIONS, LLC can do for your business/organization is during a complimentary initial consultation. We are happy to meet with you to discuss and identify your organization’s Human Resources priorities and needs and explain how we can proactively impact your personnel practices and your bottom line.
Human Resources Audit
Many small and mid-size business leaders are unsure what HR policies, practices and procedures ought to be in place to ensure their organizations operate effectively and legally. We can prepare a comprehensive audit of all areas of your organization’s Human Resources (Role of HR, Staffing/ Recruiting, Promotion/Advancement, Regulatory Compliance, Performance Management, Documentation, Employee Handbook, Compensation and Benefits, Discipline and Discharge, Labor Relations, Training, Communications).

A completed audit will outline your organization’s existing policies and practices and compare them to the current legal environment. Our experience with HR “best practices” will give you the confidence of knowing where your company stands in terms of doing the right things, as well as recommending changes and improvements.
Staffing and Recruiting
Whether you are growing your business or simply filling an opening, HR INNOVATIONS, LLC can be there to help chart the path for hiring success. Some of the key areas where we can provide expert assistance are the following:

Define the job; discuss with hiring manager
Assess external competitiveness and internal equity
Define recruiting sources
Develop internal job posting program
Search for qualified candidates
Interview candidates to determine fit
Develop assessment forms
Develop employment applications
Schedule interviews
Check employment references
Run background checks (with appropriate vendors)
Develop offer letters and packages
Prepare relocation recommendations
Conduct new employee follow-ups
Employee Onboarding
Reference Check
Background Check
Preparation of Offer Letter
I-9 Verification
Payroll Setup
Employment Package with all employment and benefit enrollment forms
Orientation to Company
Benefits Orientation
Online enrollment in all benefits programs
Performance Management
As your company grows, it is not always easy to tell if you are getting the most out of your employees. To that end, we can help in the following areas:

Develop customized performance management processes and documentation
Teach management and employees how best to set measurable goals and objectives
Train and support managers in conducting performance reviews
HR Administration
If the day-to-day managing of the administrative side of HR is taking time away from managing your business, we can be there to:

Analyze and advise on overtime issues
Manage compensation and performance review administration
Job Description preparation
Compensation range development
Incentive and commission plan review and development
Follow up to ensure managers review staff
Manage and track time off
Offer advice regarding Leaves of Absence (Medical, FMLA, other)
Manage new hires and terminations
Administer I-9s
Maintain employee files
Benefits Design and Administration
Routine benefits administration as well as the annual Healthcare Open Enrollment can often be a significant administrative challenge. Benefits design and cost-effective benefits planning takes experience. We can assist in all areas of benefits administration and management:

Work with brokers to evaluate plan options, design and implement plans; analyze cost-savings and cost-sharing
Administer and manage:
Healthcare and Dental day-to-day administration
Healthcare and Dental Open Enrollment
401(k), 403(b), Cash Balance and Defined Benefit plans
Short-Term Disability plans
Long-Term Disability plans
Life and AD&D insurances
Workers' Compensation
Flexible Spending Accounts, DCA, HSA, HRA, Vision
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Whether your company has five employees or hundreds of employees, documenting policies in an Employee Handbook is the right thing to do. It is the most important communication tool between employees and management; clear and concise policies help to reduce misunderstandings and confusion. All of our handbooks are customized to the client, as every organization has a unique culture. HR INNOVATIONS, LLC will:

Develop and implement Employee Handbooks
Revise and review policies, procedures and processes
Metrics allow you to identify issues and opportunities within your organization. Areas to consider could include turnover rates and turnover cost, cost per hire, sourcing methods, employee satisfaction and engagement, absenteeism, diversity and tenure. HR INNOVATIONS, LLC can help you identify issues and develop a plan to address them.
Succession Planning
Succession planning allows you to identify and develop internal and external talent with the potential to fill key business leadership positions within your organization. Through this process you recruit and retain talented employees, develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and prepare them for advancement or promotion into more challenging roles. Succession planning allows you to:

Provide critical development experiences to those with potential to move into key roles
Improve employee commitment and retention
Manage the career development expectations of current employees
Counter the increasing difficulty and costs of external recruiting
Organizational Redesign
Organizational redesign can play a key role in growing or downsizing your business. It can help you to improve performance, increase revenue, decrease cost and increase efficiency. When considering a redesign, you want to ensure that it is aligned with company strategy, that you have the right people in the right functions, and that you are aware of any potential legal issues.
Employee Surveys
Employee surveys can help you pinpoint and address organizational strengths and weaknesses. Areas to assess can include employee engagement and satisfaction, organizational culture and morale, teamwork, management and career development. HR INNOVATIONS, LLC can design and facilitate a survey to address your areas of interest, and can work with you to develop and implement an action plan to address issues or opportunities.
Compensation Analysis
Analyzing compensation within the organization is necessary in determining internal equity and external competitiveness in the areas of base salary and incentive compensation. HR INNOVATIONS, LLC can analyze your current compensation structure and work with you to design and analyze compensation surveys and data, as well as assist in developing compensation structures and offering adjustment recommendations.
Employee Relations
When there are issues with employees in the workplace (performance, work habits, behavioral issues) or you just want a second opinion about how to handle a particular situation, give us a call and we can:

Work with management regarding disciplinary issues
Draft disciplinary and warning letters
Follow up with managers regarding open employee issues
Respond to managers with advice regarding problem employees
Respond to employees' requests for advice and counsel
When issues become serious problems, we can help to protect your business as we:

Direct and participate in harassment (sexual and other) investigations
Direct and participate in discrimination investigations
Direct and participate in investigations due to other employee complaints
Respond to outside agency complaints
Employee Terminations
Employee terminations (whether voluntary or involuntary) are a frequent source of concern and apprehension for management. Terminations require time and resources better spent managing the business. With years of experience in this troublesome part of HR, we can help handle these difficult situations professionally and with empathy for the employee, as well as working together to avoid potential risks:

Offer advice to management before involuntary terminations to maintain legal rights
Prepare and review documentation in preparation for terminations
Recommend and prepare severance packages and separation agreements
Participate in termination meetings
Develop communication strategies regarding terminations
Negotiate favorable separation terms with former employees
Prepare Unemployment Compensation documentation
Represent clients at Unemployment Compensation hearings
Conduct Exit Interviews for voluntary terminations
Handle COBRA administration
Respond to former employees’ questions
Our supportive HR Innovations, LLC consultants offer a sounding board to recently terminated/laid off employees, by supporting them through the emotional reactions to their situation as well as helping and directing them as they move forward with their careers in individual or group sessions:

Meet with job seeker to determine career direction
Prepare customized resume and cover letter
Address questions about Unemployment, COBRA, 401(k) and 403(b) balances
Help job seeker to develop a plan for job search
Educate job seeker about sourcing strategies
Advise job seeker about job sites
Teach job seeker how to effectively apply for jobs
Recommend interview skills, dressing, etiquette and follow-up
State and federal laws (local, in some cases) are noted for being ambiguous and changeable. We stay on top of employment laws to be sure you are in compliance; some examples:

Exempt and non-exempt classifications
Payroll and overtime
Family and Medical Leave Acts
Unemployment compensation
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave Law
NYC’s Paid Sick Leave Law
NY State Wage Theft Prevention Act
Other federal and state employment laws
Other Services
HR INNOVATIONS, LLC also offers services for individuals and larger employers, including:

Interim HR assignments for larger employers
Resume review and preparation for individuals
Employment contract review for individuals
Termination agreement review for individuals